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Piano tuning is essential to any piano, irrespective of type or value of instrument. An expert piano tuning will eliminate dissonance, creating a 'tempered sound ' , making piano playing even more enjoyable.

Most musicians understand that regular piano tuning is essential to the music they make on their instrument. Regular tuning and maintenance is essential to the a piano to keep string-tension at Concert Pitch. Apart from it being detrimental to piano, an unturned piano will not be ‘in-tune’ with other instrument. Also, a learner pianist won’t be developing their ‘musical ear’ at the correct pitch.


Offering a combined service of 76 years in the piano trade, all of our piano tuners are highly skilled and qualified in all aspects of piano tuning, maintenance and restoration.


How much does it cost to have a piano tuned?

A standard maintenance-tuning of a piano which is local to the shop area within 10 miles and regularly maintained is £55 .Included in this cost is time the initial call-out fee and up to one and a half’s hour of work… often minor repairs are carried out within the tuning fee.   We cover the North of England and other parts of the UK.

We offer a reminder service to our customers to help you keep you piano in its best condition.


Where we tune

As well as domestic, home-tuning, we offer piano tuning and maintenance services to schools, colleges, theatres, churches and hospital/care institutions.   Access arrangements with us are very flexible, and weekend/evening work available.

We tune pianos weekly across West Yorkshire, North Yorkshire, Kirklees,  Lancashire and Cumbria.


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Please contact us on 01274 677450 or by using our quick enquiry form opposite or by texting us on 07767473126. We look forward to hearing from you.

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