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GSG Pianos offer a full range of piano related services including Piano Tuning and Repairs, Piano Restoration, Piano Moving, Piano Valuation and Short-Term Piano Hire. We also buy second hand pianos


Piano tuning is essential to any piano, irrespective of type or value of instrument. An expert piano tuning will eliminate dissonance, creating a ‘tempered sound ‘ , making piano playing even more enjoyable. Most musicians understand that regular piano tuning is essential to the music they make on their instrument. Regular tuning and maintenance is essential to the a piano to keep string-tension at Concert Pitch.

Apart from it being detrimental to piano, an unturned piano will not be ‘in-tune’ with other instrument. Also, a learner pianist won’t be developing their ‘musical ear’ at the correct pitch. Offering a combined service of 76 years in the piano trade, all of our piano tuners are highly skilled and qualified in all aspects of piano tuning, maintenance and restoration.

Piano Restoration

Tuning and general maintenance ensures day-to-day playability of your piano, but the passage of time and regular use cause wear that needs more acute treatment. Restoration can be as simple as replacing small components such as strings, or as complex as a complete action and case refurbishment. GSG pianos always provides the highest standards of workmanship and first class value for money.

Piano Moving

In the past twenty years we haven’t had a single customer who took their piano home on the roof rack, but we’ve seen plenty of situations where pianos, people and property have been damaged during self-removal attempts.

Although shuffling a piano around a room during decorating is acceptable, we advise that you call us when a more substantial move is required. Our removal service is reliable, insured, safe and affordable.

Piano Valuation

We provide a respected and professional valuation service for insurance and probate. If you require a valuation for insurance purposes, we provide a detailed report on your piano accompanied by a qualified market appraisal of the retail and replacement values. Additionally, we work with insurance companies to assess damaged pianos and with customers wishing to substantiate their claims.

Short-Term Piano Hire

We have a thriving hire business and provide a turnkey deliver/ install/remove service for those requiring a piano for a specific event or special occasion.

Our hire customers range from individuals holding private parties to symphony orchestras and choral societies seeking superbly prepared instruments for concerts and recordings. Regardless of the scale or complexity of you piano hire needs, we can help.

Pianos Bought

We’re always interested in buying good quality instruments. And we’re not being rude when we say it really doesn’t matter that it’s been in your family for ever, or what the tuner says it’s worth – we simply appraise the piano on its merits.

Sometimes we decline an opportunity but when we see an instrument that’s right for us, we always make the best offer we can. If you have an acoustic piano you’d like to sell, please contact us.

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